Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is blooming!

cactus from Andres' grandma...flower!
Laughing Heart is as bright and bursting as the beautiful flower that opened up just a few days ago...after 3 years without a bloom! The outdoor kitchen is complete and in full swing (big thank yous to all the chefs!), the greenhouse is full of vibrant, healthy yumminess, and our little farm community has been feeling the flow of the summer energy. 

 Logan, Andres & Rodric have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming workshop--planning the details of the foundation, starting the excavation, and readying the land to accommodate all the added people who will be living here during the build. Check out the bamboo compost toilet structure Logan & Andres built (middle pic).

 Logan taught a one hour Natural Building Workshop at the GreenLife EcoFest today and had quite a little crowd! We're hoping to have more local folks sign up for the workshop after getting a little taste of how it's done. Way to go, Logan!

Luna, Tule, Nischala, Cricket, Logan, Simran & Hanna, Judy, Simran, Andres, Ember,  & Aria!

Here's the Laughing Heart family! Andres & I moved onto Laughing Heart Farm one week ago today and we have been loving our time here...there's so much sweetness, grace, connection and wisdom filling our experience so far. Nischala joined the family at the beginning of June and has become a loved member the community. All three of us are WWOOFing, with the intention of learning more about simple, harmonious living, community building and earthbag construction. We have been tending the garden and the children, cooking meals and learning so much from the family.

Last week Hanna injured her Achilles and has been actively tending to her healing...lots of hammock time with comfrey compresses and tea! She has been imparting so much plant, herb and spiritual wisdom from her swinging bed, with little Simran often cuddling her. Meanwhile, Luna & Tule aren't slowed down a bit! They often offer help with the many chores and otherwise are creative busy bees! Yesterday Luna made a pillow cover from an old t-shirt (in pic above) and Tule loves to mimic the construction goings on with his toy trucks and blocks. Judy weaves her grandma magic with all the babes and sprinkles love on each of us throughout the day. Logan keeps to task...of planning, prepping, planting, papa-ing and keeping it all in balance. It's been beautiful to see how her family comes together to support each other. Andres, Nischala & I are glad to have arrived at a time when we can also offer support when it's really needed. It's going to be a fun summer!