Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Bit of a Catchup

This fall was bountiful with harvest from the garden and the orchard. There was much preparation to be completed before the winter storms began and thanks to a beautiful group effort we entered the time of rest with a sense of grace and surrender.  The turning of the season from dry to wet was welcomed here in the foothills.  The Domes were plastered with the first layer of base plaster and cob in September and October.  This layer  is not water proof, so in order to keep it on during the rain we covered the domes with tarps.  When the first big storm came in November, ending the danger of fire season and beginning the wet season, the Tarps were put to the test.  The winds were strong and the rain was steady.  There was a dance that ensued with the tarps.  The tarps would blow off in the high winds and be put back on when the weather would calm, each time with a few more tie downs.  By the third storm the tarps had been retied at least 6 times and finally one shredded.  There was a deep surrender, for the domes themselves will surely stand a bit of rain, but the plaster on the other hand will need to be redone. When this hard to swallow truth set in we relaxed into the season of much needed rest and rejuvenation.
Ember and Andres left Laughing Heart in October, with plans on being back sometime in the foreseeable future.
Nonni went to Nepal in November for 2 weeks to travel with the council of the 13 Grandmothers.  For the first time in many months the only people at LaughingHeart was the Nuclear Family, Hanna, Logan, Luna, Tule and Simran.  It was sweet to feel ourselves again as a family unit for a few days, then it became apparent that we all love and thrive having the stimulation, support and companionship of a greater residential community/family.  The kids and I truly thrive in a setting that allows daily interaction with folks we love and that is more expansive than just "us".

 Nonni's arrival from Nepal
Logan's Dad, Ross, and his partner Roxanne joined us for Thanks Giving this year.  There has not been a Holiday meal with Logan's Parents together since they split up, about 6 years ago.  This was a very big healing for Logan and his Parents.  I felt honored to be a part of such a mature human experience, with people who's main goal is compassion and forgiveness.  We have so much to learn and grow from in our relationships, especially those that are the closest to us.  There was MUCH to Give Thanks for at this beautiful coming together of family.

The bouquet for our thanks Giving Feast 2012  

The Winter Solstice this year felt deep and quiet.  Logan had gone to Florida for the annual Winter Solstice 3HO White Tantric Yoga gathering, and I had tried to plan a big gathering here at Laughing Heart, but do to weather and lack of indoor space it was cancelled, but absolutely perfect!  Nonni, the kids and I went out in the rain and lit a sacred fire, said our prayers and invited the energy of the fifth dimension that we are entering to be with us. We prayed for peace, harmony, and the ability to respond with compassion instead of react with fear or anger.  It was a beautiful opportunity to create sacred space on the land with the children and our Grandma.  We are so blessed here, living this beautiful dream, and letting the light in our hearts shine out to all beings everywhere.  Amma, who is a modern day saint from India, said to pray for all being everywhere to be happy, so we send that message to you with the blessing that as you give so shall you receive, so give your prayer and let the universe resound and bring to you the effect.

As for Christmas I continue to walk the line between , trying to provide the magic I felt as a child when waking up on Christmas morning to a heap of presents, and the voice inside that encourages to find magic and joy in the simple and deeper things in life, not material-consumerism.  How euphoric it can feel to see the look of wonder and excitement in my children's eyes, and yet how horrendous I feel to see a garbage bag fill up with once used wrapping paper, packaging and boxes.  The battle that ensues internally every year brings me to my knees in grief. It seems in parenting, and in life, there are endless paradoxes to consider.  There is the way society is trained, there are beliefs we receive from our family lineage, there is our melding of companions and their ideologies, and then there is the desire and inspiration of the moment.  All of which are only the continuous play of light and dark that create the dream we have found ourselves in.  In truth, all I am hoping for and wishing for is that here at Laughing Heart the true meaning of Christmas is experienced.  It seems to me that this year, as with every other, that happened, at least for a handful of moments.

And now as the cycle begins the shift back in to the season of action the ideas and plans are beginning to stir!  We have big hopes of building, gardening, workshops in natural building, women's retreats, family adventures, children's camp, Herbal medicine making, LOTS of Yoga and much more!
Tata For Now!  MWAAAXOX