Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How Laughing Heart Told Us Its Name

I've been asking Hanna & Logan for more history on Laughing Heart and their journey with it, to get to know my home more closely and be able to share it more fully. In the telling of stories, this sweet one came to me from Hanna...

Logan and I moved onto the land in November 2004. It was spring of 2007 and for years we would find shapes of hearts inherent in the paths we walked and garden beds we made.  Logan and I felt that the journey with the land was ultimately about the heart in all ways - in form/shapes and in consciousness. The Dream of this land being a place for healing and learning was alive and pulsing, and we knew is was about Heart...so the name was something- Heart or Heart-something.  We also felt a very strong unseen presence with us on the land, so we honor the spirit of this place with our acknowledgement of those who have walked this earth in this place before.  Because we also were very much interested in sharing ideas about sustainability and growing food, we thought maybe it would be blossoming heart or blooming heart. But one day we were in the orchard area before it was an orchard, planting wildflower seed. We were cracking up laughing, as we often do when enjoying our relationship with this place and each other, and it hit us both at the same time, the name is Laughing Heart! I also think its cool that LH could also be Logan and Hanna:-)