Monday, March 18, 2013

Plant Remedies That Take Out the Sting

Bee season is upon us and I wanted to share a couple great resources I've learned about this past year living on land and close to so many nature-connected people. Two plants you may have growing near you can ease the sting of a bee, wasp and many other critters.

One is basil, especially sweet basil. Andres & I learned about this last summer from Tule, the 4yr old (at the time) on the farm! Andres was walking out of the greenhouse and was stung on the tip of his nose! Tule suggested chewing up a little basil and putting it on the sting. Andres felt better almost immediately! And it seemed to help the swelling, too.

The other plant is common plantain. This unassuming and prolific native grass has highly valuable medicinal properties. A friend of mine once even used it on a black widow bite...successfully! Another herbal guru friend said it works on cuts as well. I've tried it on a poison oak rash, with mixed results, and on a mosquito bite, with success! Again, just chew up a few leaves and apply them to the bite, sting or cut. Let them stay on the wound until they're dried up to give them time to work their magic. Reapply as can't overdo it!

I love learning about the natural resources around me and using them to tend to my health and well being. Feel free to share a natural remedy you've got in your first aid kit!