Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flying (sort of) Into Our Hearts

Tule with baby
In the nest we made
Andres walked into the garden this evening and saw one of the land cats, Rundi, pouncing into a bush. He went to see what the cat was after and found this little fledgling dove. He shooed the cat and checked to see if the baby bird was ok. The dove hobbled a bit and seemed in shock. Likely it is just learning to fly...or perhaps even fell from its nest. After a bit of "now what?", we put some hay, leaves and a little dish of water in a bin and gave her some time to recoup. After a short while, she jumped up on the edge of the bin...and there she stayed. Andres tried feeding her maggots from the compost, but she just sat and stoically stared. As twilight came on and we were ready to leave the garden, there was again the "now what?". With the bird still perched on the edge of the bin, we settled on putting the whole arrangement on the roof of the outdoor kitchen...out of sight/range of the cat and hopefully feeling a more familiar place being high up from the ground and so close to the oak tree. We put a little dish of compost goodies up there and said a little prayer for her well being. Now it's mama nature's turn to take over again. May her deep wisdom see this one fly safely and see a new day tomorrow! 
Andres feeding the baby