Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Green Is Growing All Around!

Veggie garden

There's so much growth and radiance in the garden, it brings a little awe to my heart every time I walk through it. Lucky for me, I walk through at least once every day! The family just left for a two week Solstice journey (we miss you!) and just as they're going, we seem to be abundant in home grown food. There are new flowers blooming, the fruit trees are heavy with all sorts of yumminess, the greenhouse is at capacity and the veggie beds are looking like a food jungle.

I'm so appreciative to be cultivating my relationship with the earth through gardening and to be deepening my understanding of Nature's rhythms through tending so many plants, trees, flowers, bushes and vines. And oh how they give when they are being given to! What a beautiful cycle.

Here's a few pics of what captured my heart today...
Cosmos, Zinnias, Desert Sage, Poppies

TeePee w/ Gourds & Beans

Artichoke blossoms
Squash, corn, sunflowers, cucumbers

It's exciting to see the watermelon growing
strong. This has been our most challenged
crop so far this year. We thought it was the
soil pH, turns out they needed more water!
We mainly use drip irrigation on the veggie
beds. Once we gave them overhead water
in addition, they started taking off!
Yahoo! The peppers are coming in!