Sunday, July 7, 2013

Open For Business...of Yumminess!

Laughing Heart is expanding! We now have a roadside fruit stand. And it's very cute. The Blue Barrow fruit & veggie stand opened for business just after the Summer Solstice and it boasted white nectarines from our orchard that were juicy perfection! Of course, not many of you are likely to come across this stand...unless you come visit us! Which we encourage. 

Blue Barrow is located immediately across the street from Laughing Heart on Troost Trail (in North San Juan), about 1 mile up from Bridgeport. Mostly it will be neighbors purchasing our homegrown goodness. Though just today we put a big sign out on Pleasant Valley Road (the major cross street) to advertise aloe plants (we are abundant!) and Coratina olive trees for sale.  

white peaches
Our feature of the moment are white peaches harvested over the past two days from our orchard just up the road. Get 'em while you can as they will likely be gone within a week. Then on to yellow peaches, which are nearly ready to harvest. So much to savor in the summer! Be in touch if you'd like to come visit, take a tour, or purchase any of our plants or produce!